Historical Background

Sylhet a land hallowed by the memories of great saint Hazrat Shahjalal Yemeni (R), has been full of social, cultural and educational tradition from very early times. But in course of time these traditions are fading away. The literacy rate was falling dreadfully and mass people were deprived of adequate health care facilities. People from all walks of life including educationists, professionals and elite of the society were realizing the need of further development in health care delivery in this region.

In this perspective a group of doctors with the aim and objective of providing skilled medical manpower and quality health care service formed North East Medical Private Ltd.

A group of Doctors established North East Medical College & Hospital in 1996, North East Medical College in 1998, North East Nursing Institute in 2007, North East Nursing College in 2009, North East Cancer Hospital in 2014, North East Institute of Health & Technology in 2014.

Aims & Objectives

Patient is our priority. We have to work together with other Staff to provide effective health service to the patient. In order to provide effective Medicare to the patients the nurses are playing very important role. The doctors should work brilliantly to make a team, which is capable of providing effective medicare. It is obvious that without building expert nursing service, we alone will not be able to provide the effective medicare.

“Health for all” is the basic right of all. To implement this we are to work together to make a team for effective medicare service in North East Nursing College.

  • Develop and disseminate knowledge through quality research and scholarship.
  • Develop competent, committed, and caring healthcare professionals.
  • Educate nursing through excellence in teaching and quality course development.
  • Advance the provision of community services and maximize the health of diverse people.
  • Reduce health risks and contribute to the development of a world community.
  • Disseminate and advance knowledge about health, healthcare systems, and quality practices.

Why Choose Our Institution

North-East Nursing Institute has been approved and affiliated by Bangladesh Nursing Council, Dhaka in 2007.

Scholarship Facility

All walks of life including educationists.

Skilled Lecturers

Dedicated and qualified faculty members to support us.

Book Library & Store

Further development in health care delivery.